“Birthers” vs. “Speciers”


On both sides of the political spectrum, there is bewilderment about why Mitt Romney chose to appear on stage with Donald Trump, who has been beating the drum for those who don’t believe the President was born in America. It doesn’t appear that the so-called “birthers” are going away, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a pundit or journalist who believes Romney should be anywhere near the issue.

Dana Milbank’s latest column in the Washington Post sums up the absurdity by highlighting a new conspiracy theory, writing, “The time has come for Mitt Romney to prove it once and for all: Is he or is he not a unicorn?” Milbank is referencing an online petition by LeftAction that 18,000 people have signed, demanding Arizona check whether Mitt Romney is in fact a human and not a unicorn. If Romney is a “fanciful equine,” as Milbank puts it, he would be disqualified from running for President. The author of the petition, John Hlinko, says everything would be cleared up if there was a DNA test or if Romney “would just shave his head,” to ensure there is no horn hiding beneath his quaff.

We didn’t get to discuss Milbank’s column on the show, but it’s worth a read. For more on how the “birthers” will impact the election, and Romney’s campaign, check out the segment above.


"Birthers" vs. "Speciers"