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Actor Penn Badgley talks about new film: ‘Greetings from Tim Buckley’


Folk-singer Tim Buckley and his son, Jeff may have had a lot in common: they shared the same DNA, they were both musicians, and they both died too young – but Tim and Jeff hardly knew each other at all. Tim died in 1975 at the age of 28 of a drug overdose when his son was just a young child, and Jeff followed a similar fate, drowning at the age of 30, just three years after he produced his first album, “Grace.”

The new film, Greetings from Tim Buckley, starring actor Penn Badgley, tells the tale of the distant father and son, providing a snapshot into both of their lives and their music.

On Thursday, Penn Badgley and the director of Greetings from Tim Buckley, joined NOW with Alex Wagner to discuss the film and the legacy of the Buckleys.

Actor Penn Badgley talks about new film: 'Greetings from Tim Buckley'