Post Script: What will happen if Italy’s economy crumbles?


by Alex Wagner
The global village this weekend said arrivederci to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s unique brand of patriotism: his love of prosciutto, Italian secretaries and bunga bunga parties, his campaign trail pledges of sexual abstinence.

And was, in Berlusconi’s place?

A debt crisis that threatens to overwhelm the entire Eurozone, taking with it, billions of American dollars and undermining whatever tenuous stability we might have here at home. But in this time of crisis, at least we have leaders like Herman Cain!

The man who has told us, essentially, that Italy is a guy sitting next to us on the flight to Cleveland. Don’t worry about that guy! Put on your oxygen mask first! Nevermind, the interlinkage between American and European finances, in trade, exports and investment.

Rest assured, if the European contagion spreads, at least there will be the guidance of sages like Herman Cain.

And with Herman Cain, we know that at the very least, if Italy crumbles, if the meatballs and pasta are no more, well then, there will always be pizza.

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Herman Cain

Post Script: What will happen if Italy's economy crumbles?