A local resident fills jugs with water at a distribution center in Charleston, W.Va., on Jan. 12, 2014.
Michael Switzer/AP

Poison control

Nearly a month after the chemical spill in West Virginia, West Virginians are still uncertain about the chemical’s impact on their safety. “I’m as frustrated and as upset as everybody,” Senator Joe Manchin told Alex Wagner on Thursday. Manchin said that his wife and family were “using the water” and were “back to normal.”

Despite claiming there was no apparent harm in drinking West Virginia water, Manchin told Wagner it was important to continue to test to ensure chemicals were “non-detectable.”

The Senator also defended his state’s environmental protection policies, stating “they think we turn a blind eye… we’ve cleaned up the environment more in two decades than ever before.” Manchin and two other democratic senators are sponsoring a bill in congress to prevent chemical spills from happening in the future. To hear more from Senator Manchin, click on the interview.


Poison control