Now and later: Weekend Edition

Credit: State Dept Flickr
Credit: State Dept Flickr

An almost daily roundup of stories that didn’t make it on to the show, for one reason or another.
• The House makes it an even 40th vote to repeal Obamacare. Great work, everyone! Enjoy your month off! You must be exhausted.
• Three great pieces that concisely sum up the state of play heading in to what promises to be a tumultuous fall: Krugman on the madness of the GOP, Pareene on the danger Ted Cruz poses to his party, and Kapur on the looming showdown over nominees to the D.C Court of Appeals.
• Also check out Matt Yglesias on the failure of union busting
• Could Mitch McConnell lose his seat in 2014?
• Four former Republican EPA chiefs make the case for taking action on climate change.
• Queen Elizabeth II had a speech prepared for outbreak of World War III.
• In case you missed it, John Oliver was on fire Thursday night:

Have a great weekend everyone!
Credit: State Dept Flickr