Now and later: 8/27/13


An almost daily roundup of stories that did not make it on to today’s show, for one reason or another.

50 years after the March on Washington, how far have we come? It depends whom you ask.

Details emerge in the lawsuit against “Trump University”:  ”Instead of Trump actually attending any of the seminars, attendees were often offered the opportunity to instead take a photo next to a life-size cutout.” It gets better from there.

While he might want to deny DREAMers a chance at citizenship, that doesn’t mean GOP Rep. Gary Miller doesn’t feel their pain. After all, his family migrated from Arkansas to California.

Egypt doesn’t yet realize it should generally ignore everything Louie Gohmert has to say. Unfortunately, he might be fueling an international crisis in the meantime.

Dark clouds on the horizon for Roger Ailes and Fox News. Get out the popcorn!

And of course, the shocking performance everyone is still talking about:

Alex will be back tomorrow, joining her on the show:

Chris Matthews, msnbc Host, “Hardball” (@hardball_chris)

Eugene Robinson, Columnist, The Washington Post/msnbc Contributor (@eugene_robinson)

Phillip Agnew, Executive Director, Dream Defenders (@PhilUnchained)

Julian Bond, Former Chairman Emeritus, NAACP

Bryan Stevenson, Director, Equal Justice Initiative, (@eji_org)

Jon Meacham, Author, “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power”/Executive Editor, Random House (@meacham)

David Axelrod, Fmr. Senior Advisor to President Obama, MSNBC Senior Political Analyst, Director, University of Chicago Institute of Politics (@davidaxelrod)

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Now and later: 8/27/13