Memo to Ala. lawmakers: Throw out ‘papers, please’


by Alex Wagner

In Alabama today, if you’d like to get a flu shot, register your dog or have your trash collected, you may be required to show proof of citizenship or legal residency in the U.S.
This is not because there’s been a recent outbreak of Canadians fleeing south to recycle, or because Brazilians are flooding the country in unprecedented numbers to register cocker spaniel anchor dogs.

It is because Alabama has passed one of the country’s strictest immigration laws, one intended to prevent illegal immigrants from taking part in any taxpayer-funded services, no matter how mundane.



The law, which went into effect on September 29th, has stoked fear among immigrant communities, complicated the distribution of basic utilities including running water, and inconvenienced veterans, poultry plant operators, and – one can safely assume –veterinarians.

Given this, Alabama lawmakers have quietly conceded that it may be time for some “tweaks” to the legislation.

And by tweaks one can only hope they mean “throwing the whole thing out and returning to planet earth.”

Memo to Ala. lawmakers: Throw out 'papers, please'