Bloomberg swings at “racist” De Blasio, hits himself


On Monday, Alex and the NOW panel dissected New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent comments in which he called leading Democratic mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio’s campaign “racist” for using the candidate’s black wife and two biracial children in campaign commercials.

“Every single politician who’s married displays his wife at some point in time,” said The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein. “The fact that Bill’s wife is black is irrelevant to this whole thing and the idea that it would be racist is so far-fetched it’s almost unbelievable. Clearly it was a big gaffe.”

Alex noted that Bloomberg’s clearly peeved about the criticism he’s received from Democratic mayoral candidates hammering him over the NYPD’s controversial “stop-and-frisk” program.

“De Blasio did make this point that he has a biracial child who could be stopped and frisked,” said Buzzfeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton. “I think this was definitely Bloomberg looking for a way to hit him back, but he missed terribly.”

“And ended up hitting himself,” Stein joked.

Bloomberg swings at "racist" De Blasio, hits himself