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Viral 'catcall' video actress speaks out

Viral 'catcall' video creator speaks out

10/30/14 11:43AM

A viral video showing a woman walking through New York City for 10 hours has shed light on the scourge of harassment faced by women on a daily basis. The actress in the video, Shoshana Roberts, and Hollaback! co-founder Emily May join to discuss. watch

Ice cream with a social mission

Ice cream with a social mission

10/28/14 11:46AM

Jennie Dundas, co-founder of Blue Marble and Blue Marble Dreams, talks about her efforts in helping the women of Rwanda find independence and prosperity through business creation. watch

Keeping Detroit thriving

Keeping Detroit thriving, through potato chips?

10/27/14 11:45AM

Detroit, Michigan was once the potato chip capital of the world with over two dozen companies headquartered in the city, now only two remain. Mark Winkelman, president of one of those companies, “Better Made” chips, joins Tamron Hall for this week’s Born watch