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A Day In The Life of Tamron Hall

11/12/14 08:53AM

Tamron Hall is busy – very busy! But how does this multi-faceted Texan get it all done in a day? From her hair, to her wardrobe and everything in between her two shows, here’s a glimpse at a day in the Life of Tamron Hall. read more

'I don't want to see the rest of Ferguson...

'I don't want to see the rest of Ferguson burn'

11/25/14 11:31AM

Committeewoman Patrica Bynes said she is "angry and sad" about the aftermath of the protests that turned violent. She says that is "not how we should express our anger" and wants a concrete plan on how to prevent further displays of violence. watch

Can fraternities turn the tide on sexual...

Can fraternities turn the tide on sexual assault?

11/24/14 11:44AM

Sabrina Rubin Erdely of The Rolling Stone talks about how rape "plays out at a typical college campus" saying the extent to which sexual assault is brushed off on campuses is broad. She talks about the indifference of school administrators and hopes... watch