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E.g., 9/3/2015
Heat index tops 165 degrees in Iran

Heat index tops 165 degrees in Iran

08/04/15 11:40AM

Much of the Middle East is stifling under an unprecedented weather event triggering dangerously high temperatures, and it is unclear whether relief is on the way. Tony Dokoupil, host of “Green House” on SHIFT at reports on NewsNation. watch

Who will take the GOP debate stage?

Who will take the GOP debate stage?

08/04/15 11:00AM

Donald Trump, NJ Governor Chris Christie, and Ohio Governor John Kasich will be on the first Republican debate stage, but who else will make the cut? Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Washington Post Reporter Karen Tumulty and MSNBC Political Analyst... watch

Obama’s huge climate change plan

Obama’s huge climate change plan

08/03/15 11:33AM

Pres. Obama will unveil what he’s calling “the biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change.” MSNBC’s Tony Dokoupil and Tamron Hall discuss what we can expect on NewsNation. watch

GOP debate countdown

Who will make the cut for the first GOP debate?

08/03/15 11:00AM

With just three days left until the first Republican presidential debate, Republican Strategist Rich Galen, Politico’s Chief Political Columnist Roger Simon and Wall Street Journal’s Colleen McCain Nelson discuss who might make the cut to be on the... watch

Dangling protesters block Shell icebreaker

Dangling protesters block Shell icebreaker

07/30/15 11:36AM

Greenpeace activists are taking on a Shell icebreaker in Portland, Oregon by dangling from the city's tallest bridge to keep the icebreaker from leaving the port. Greecepeace Executive Director Annie Leonard join to discuss. watch

Inside the minds of Trump supporters

Focus group: Trump presidency would be 'classy'

07/30/15 11:26AM

Bloomberg Politics sat down with a focus group of Donald Trump's supporters in New Hampshire to find out what they see in the unlikely Republican frontrunner. Reporter Steve Yaccino, who helped assemble the group, joins Tamron Hall to discuss. watch

Questions surround release of US spy

Questions surround release of US spy

07/29/15 11:35AM

Jonathan Pollard who was sentenced to life in prison during the 80s for selling secrets, has been granted parole after serving 30 years of his sentence. MSNBC’s Dafna Linzer joins Tamron Hall to discuss the questions surrounding the timing of Pollard’s... watch


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