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E.g., 7/4/2015
Report: FBI behind surveillance flights

Report: FBI behind mysterious surveillance flights

06/03/15 11:05AM

A stunning new report by the Associated Press reveals that the FBI is operating a fleet of small planes that fly over many U.S. cities armed with sophisticated surveillance cameras. David Rocah of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland joins Tamro watch

Who are the ‘Medal of Honor’ recipients?

Who are the 'Medal of Honor' recipients?

06/02/15 11:20AM

President Obama posthumously awarded the ‘Medal of Honor’ to World War I heroes, Private Henry Johnson and Sergeant William Shemin who both also battled discrimination. Col. Jack Jacobs joins Tamron Hall with a look into who the recipients were. watch

TSA failed 95% of airport breach tests

TSA failed 95% of airport breach tests

06/02/15 11:01AM

Chief Melvin Carraway was reassigned after a new report found that TSA agents failed nearly every time to detect mock weapons undercover agents tried to smuggle past them. Security Expert and Chief Technology Officer at “Resilient Systems,” Bruce... watch

Remembering Beau Biden

Remembering Beau Biden

06/01/15 11:11AM

NBC's Kristen Welker and Tamron Hall remember Beau Biden, whose death raises a number of questions about brain cancer. Dr. Warren Selman, Chairman of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Cleveland’s University Hospitals Case Medical Center weighs in watch

Key Patriot Act provisions expire. What now?

Key Patriot Act provisions expire. What now?

06/01/15 11:07AM

The fight over government surveillance powers under the Patriot Act continues following the expiration of key provisions after the Senate failed to reach a deal. One of the original cosponsors of the USA Freedom Act, Republican Senator Mike Lee weighs in watch

Is it time to table tipping?

Is it time to table tipping?

05/29/15 01:17PM

Should we get rid of tipping? Economist and Research scientist at Ohio State University Jay Zagorsky says we should. He joins Tamron Hall on NewsNation to explain why. watch

Miniluxe is reshaping the nail industry

Miniluxe is reshaping the nail industry

05/29/15 11:39AM

Nail and wax franchise Miniluxe was founded eight years ago by a team dedicated to reshaping the nail industry by not only focusing on high quality, but employees as well. Co-Founder Tony Chan joins Tamron Hall in this ‘Born in the USA’ segment. watch


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