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Theo Rossi on his new movie ‘Bad Hurt’

Theo Rossi on his new movie ‘Bad Hurt’

04/20/15 11:52AM

The movie “Bad Hurt” is being called a “testament of love” for its portrayal of a Staten Island family struggling with grief, PTSD, and a daughter with special needs. The film’s producer, Theo Rossi, joins Tamron Hall with an inside look at the film. watch

Deepwater disaster: Five years later

Deepwater disaster: Five years later

04/20/15 11:42AM

The Gulf of Mexico is on the rebound after BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well exploded five years ago. Filmmaker Margaret Brown discusses her new documentary “The Great Invisible,” which explores the lasting effect of the disaster. watch

FBI admits forensic testimony flawed

DOJ relied on flawed forensic testimony from FBI

04/20/15 11:27AM

The Washington Post reports that for over two decades, 26 of 28 examiners at the FBI’s “Microscopic Hair Comparison Unit” overstated evidence in at least 95 percent of cases. Spencer Hsu broke the story and joins Tamron Hall on NewsNation. watch

Star Wars trailer racks up the Youtube views

Star Wars trailer racks up the Youtube views

04/17/15 11:42AM

The newest trailer for the Star Wars flick, directed by J.J. Abrams, is gaining about one million views an hour, and the movie is still several months away. Lance Ulanoff, editor-at-large and chief correspondent at Mashable, joins Tamron Hall to... watch

Ohio man charged with joining ISIS in court

Ohio man charged with joining ISIS in court

04/17/15 11:17AM

Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud is in court being charged with plotting to commit terrorism against the U.S. Though he is expected to plead not guilty, do prosecutors have enough to convict him? NBC chief justice correspondent Pete Williams joins to discuss. watch

These are the faces and scars of those changed by gun violence

04/17/15 09:39AM

In her ongoing project, "SHOT," New-York based photographer Kathy Shorr is taking pictures of shooting victims, often at the location of the incident. Churches, shopping centers, movie theaters, public events, and neighborhoods — nowhere is safe from possible gun violence, she told msnbc. read more


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