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Ferguson police test ‘less lethal’ device

Ferguson police test ‘less lethal’ device

02/06/15 11:45AM

Police officers in Ferguson have begun testing a new “less lethal” gun attachment in an effort to preserve life in a potential shooting. Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township, Patricia Bynes weighs in. watch

A dad’s vaccine fight

Dad fights to keep unvaccinated children out of school

02/05/15 11:25AM

Carl Krawitt is asking his Marin County school district to keep unvaccinated children out of school, in an effort to keep his 6-year-old son, who fought off childhood Leukemia and cannot get a vaccine from being exposed to the virus. Krawitt shares his st watch

Jonathan Banks previews 'Better Call Saul'

Jonathan Banks previews 'Better Call Saul'

02/04/15 11:52AM

For fans of the hit "Breaking Bad" series, it's almost time to call Saul. Actor Jonathan Banks, known as Mike Ehrmantraut on the show talks to Tamron Hall about "Better Call Saul" - the prequel to "Breaking Bad." watch

James Robertson’s 21 mile walk to work

James Robertson’s 21 mile walk to work

02/04/15 11:42AM

For nearly a decade, James Robertson has been walking 21 of the 46 miles to and from work because of a lack of public transportation in his Detroit neighborhood. Thanks to Evan Leedy, who started a fundraiser to help him, those days may soon be over. Robe watch

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

02/04/15 11:16AM

Samara Postuma, columnist at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and mother of five, talks about her decision to vaccinate her children and weighs in on the debate happening in schools and homes across the country. watch

NFL’s Johnny Manziel enters rehab

Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel enters rehab

02/03/15 11:39AM

The Cleveland Browns stand by their rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel following his decision to enter treatment. USA Today’s Sports writer Chris Chase joins NewsNation with details about why and how the pro-baller sought treatment. watch

Bobbi Kristina ‘fighting for her life’

Bobbi Kristina ‘fighting for her life’

02/03/15 11:17AM

The family of Bobbi Kristina Brown says she is “fighting for her life” as she remains in a coma and is breathing with the help of a ventilator. NBC’s Gabe Guitierrez reports from the hospital in Roswell, Georgia. watch

Politicians jump into the vaccination debate

2016 contenders debate vaccinations & parental choice

02/03/15 10:58AM

Pres. Obama, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton have jumped into the debate over vaccinations and parental choice. NBC’s Hallie Jackson, NYU Langone’s Director of the Division of Medical Ethics Arthur Caplan and Health Care Consultant Nick Diam watch

13-year-old aims for the moon

13-year-old aims for the moon

02/02/15 11:54AM

With over 20 NASA Space Camp sessions under her belt, 13 year old Alyssa Carson of Baton Rouge, Louisiana plans on boarding the first manned mission to mars, about 20 years from now. She shares her story with Tamron Hall. watch


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