Cleveland kidnapper who says he’s ‘not a monster’ faces ‘hell for eternity,’ says victim


The man charged with kidnapping and raping three women held captive in his home for over a decade declared he was “not a monster.”

“I’m sick,” said Ariel Castro in a Cuyahoga County courthouse Thursday. “I believe I am addicted to porn to the point that it really makes me impulsive and I just don’t realize that what I’m doing is wrong.”
“I know it’s not an excuse,” he added.
One of his victims, 32-year-old Michelle Knight, delivered an emotional statement directly to her captor.
“You took 11 years of my life away, and I never got it back,” she said. “I spent 11 years in hell, now your hell is just beginning. I will overcome all this that happened, but you will face hell for eternity.”
Castro was sentenced to life in prison without parole on two counts of aggravated murder, plus an additional 1,000 years.

Cleveland kidnapper who says he's 'not a monster' faces 'hell for eternity,' says victim