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10 years after Hurricane Katrina

10 years after Hurricane Katrina

08/27/15 11:46AM

Despite the stories of success 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, Tamron Hall takes a look at what has actually improved and what’s still the same with Talk Radio Host Kaare Johnson, and Jeff Hebert who holds the title of “City of New Orleans Chief Resilience Officer.” watch

Biden unsure if he has ‘emotional fuel’

Biden unsure if he has ‘emotional fuel’

08/27/15 11:18AM

Vice President Joe Biden is speaking out about a possible run, indicating he’s struggling with a decision. Los Angeles Times Political Reporter Kurtis Lee and Republican Strategist Matt Schlapp join the NewsNation political panel. watch

WDBJ shooting stirs discussion on social...

WDBJ shooting stirs discussion on social media

08/27/15 11:08AM

After Vester Lee Flanagan posted a series of tweets and videos of the moment he opened fire on two WDBJ colleagues, a stirring national conversation began about where we should draw the line on social media. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports and Lance Ulanoff, Mashable’s Editor-at-large, weighs in on NewsNation. watch

Rob Thomas on music and inspiration

Rob Thomas on music and inspiration

08/25/15 11:52AM

Multi-platinum selling artist, Rob Thomas joins Tamron Hall on NewsNation to discuss his new album, ‘The Great Unknown’ and his foundation ‘Sidewalk angels,’ which he started with his wife to focus on animal rescue, childhood health and the fight against homelessness. watch

Bush knocks Trump’s immigration plan

Bush knocks Trump’s immigration plan

08/25/15 11:07AM

NBC’s Katy Tur reports from Dubuque, Iowa where Donald Trump will hold a rally. Plus, Executive Director of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles Alfonso Aguilar, and MSNBC Political Analyst and Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones, David Corn join Tamron Hall on NewsNation. watch

Will Trump eventually fade?

Trump widens lead in latest poll

08/24/15 11:33AM

A new tracking survey from Reuters shows Donald Trump leading the GOP field at 32 percent, now doubling his nearest competitor Jeb Bush. Jackie Kucinich, Senior Politics Editor for The Daily Beast joins Tamron Hall on NewsNation. watch


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