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Melissa Harris-Perry

Day 13: Melissa Harris-Perry is taking your questions

03/19/14 06:02PM

Submit your questions for the Week 2 Nerdland Scholar Challenge Q&A with host Melissa Harris-Perry about women in the labor force and in public office, and find out which comments Melissa highlighted as the most thoughtful in response to Thursday's assignment read more

Members of the National League of Women Voters in Sept. 1924.

Day 3: Why give women the vote?

03/11/14 11:34PM

During the suffrage movement, women's advocates made claims about how women's votes would change politics and society. Did those changes actually happen? read more

Nancy Pelosi

Day 1: The Nerdland Scholar Challenge begins!

03/13/14 04:45PM

Welcome to the Nerdland Scholar Challenge, The Mother of All Politics! For the next four weeks, instead of just visiting Nerdland on the weekends, you can join Melissa Harris-Perry every day to investigate the intersection of motherhood and politics. read more