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Charts: Obamacare by the numbers

03/25/14 02:39PM

7.1 million people signed up for a marketplace health plan by the end of the enrollment period. Here are the facts and figures to help answer your Obamacare questions. read more

"I am an employee of a technology consulting firm. I provide services to one of their pharmaceutical clients. I became a "permatemp" when my job along with others was sent to the Phillipines. When I started 4 yrs ago, my health insurance was $382.00 per month just for me. The next year they changed providers and it went down to $282.00. In Feb of this year they notified us of Obamacare, set up the annual open enrollment and they changed providers again - this time the same coverage was $686. I dropped the coverage completely. I was already struggling trying to live on my salary ($45k after deductions and health insurance) here in NJ. I went to the "wonderful" Obamacare site to obtain info on my options. There were none because I'm not poor and my employer offers coverage. I'll pay the penalty during tax time and with continued effort, find a direct full-time job with an employer that is not a temp agency. In the meantime, I just look forward to President Obama leaving office. Having him in office has been far too painful for too many people in this country."