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E.g., 7/6/2020
E.g., 7/6/2020
“I know of two people who decided to enroll in the ACA. One had symptoms of possible colon cancer but could not afford the colonoscopy to determine. My son told him to enroll in the ACA, He was then able to see a doctor, have the colonoscopy and get on the road to better health. Another friend of my son’s enrolled and on January 2nd went to a doctor for the first time and was diagnosed with a medical which prior to the ACA may have cost him his life. My sister died at age 42 due to recurrent breast cancer. Her ex-husband had taken her off of insurance, despite her cancer history. I tried to get insurance for her but couldn’t because of her pre-existing conditions. I would have emptied all of my savings to get insurance for her but couldn’t afford the medical treatments she needed. Had the ACA been in place 11 years ago, my sister might be alive today.”
“I have been self employed most of my life . I was independently in Blue Cross for 35 years and about three years ago developed blood clots in my right calf. which were successfully cleared. Not long after that I got dumped by Blue Cross which claimed I asked to be removed. Like a fool I did not protest that thinking I could do better elsewhere. Elsewhere led me to two years in the wilderness with a high risk pool that did little but cost a lot. Late last fall, I got my family enrolled in the ACA. I’m now on Anthem and had a wellness check some weeks back at which it was caught that I now am in Atrial Fibrillation. That in turn led me to a heart echo which in turn is leading me to a cardiologist, a rariety in the rural northeast. Without the ACA, this would never have happened. I was asymptomatic and remain so but my heart rate is under control with meds while the docs discuss electrical conversion. If there was ever a death panel, it existed in the form of bad insurance being sold for high prices that give one a false sense of security with next to no real coverage. I think I’ll live a while, maybe not as long as I had hoped but that’s really my fault. The ACA has done a lot of good for me so far and it is watching over my family as well.”
“I am not going to be insured under Obamacare at least in the nearest time. I do not have much trouble with my health and the cost is too high for me. In case of emergency I will use my savings or apply for some short term loan available on the web. They’d better cut expenses for site development, as $700 mln is too much to my mind. I’ve also already heard talks from friends that their employers change contracts, being reluctant to pay Obamacare for their full time employees. So in my circle the attitude to the innovation is not so optimistic.”
“Having to retire at age 55 and pay HIPPA insurance offered by the only provider in my area has been a real economic burden. $1113 per month allowed only 3 doctor visits a year by Blue Cross/Blue Shield was highway robbery. I have 4 years to go and because of the ACA I now pay half that with no subsidy. I have a better plan and a better insurance company. What Republicans are doing is just criminal.”
“I retired early (age 61.5) because my employer was demanding more and more work out of me with no increase in benefits and but an increase in hassle. I was getting too old to work that hard without potential health side effects. For the first 8 months (2013) I paid $700 out of pocket for a very high deductible private health insurance plan. Now with ACA marketplace insurance and a subsidy I pay $200 for a better plan. Now a younger nurse can have my old job and I can stay healthy and contribute by volunteering my time/skills. End of happy story.”
“My wife has a pre-existing condition. The company I work for does not offer health insurance. Last year the only way I could get my wife covered was to create my own one man company so that I could get group insurance at $2,986 per month. With the new Healthcare I get better coverage for the same family “group” under an individual family plan for $1,820 per month with a much lower deductible and out of pocket. Obamacare certainly worked for me.”
“I am an employee of a technology consulting firm. I provide services to one of their pharmaceutical clients. I became a “permatemp” when my job along with others was sent to the Phillipines. When I started 4 yrs ago, my health insurance was $382.00 per month just for me. The next year they changed providers and it went down to $282.00. In Feb of this year they notified us of Obamacare, set up the annual open enrollment and they changed providers again - this time the same coverage was $686. I dropped the coverage completely. I was already struggling trying to live on my salary ($45k after deductions and health insurance) here in NJ. I went to the “wonderful” Obamacare site to obtain info on my options. There were none because I’m not poor and my employer offers coverage. I’ll pay the penalty during tax time and with continued effort, find a direct full-time job with an employer that is not a temp agency. In the meantime, I just look forward to President Obama leaving office. Having him in office has been far too painful for too many people in this country.”