Director of the United States Secret Service Julia Pierson testifies before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC September 30, 2014.
Photo by Jim Watson/Getty

Your take: Julia Pierson’s resignation and the Secret Service

By now you know that after 30 years serving in the Secret Service, Director Julia Pierson resigned amid a series of security lapses at the agency. The most recent high-profile incident occurred when an Iraq War veteran jumped the White House fence and made it as far as the door of the Green Room inside the building. Pierson was questioned by the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday, and she announced her resignation the following day.

Now that we’ve heard from plenty of leaders in Washington, we want to hear from you. Here’s a peek at what the msnbc community has been saying about the the Secret Service scandal.

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Zora Renee: “Thank you Ms. Pierson for doing the right thing. Maybe now we can get someone in office that will make sure that those people charged with providing security for this President and his family will do the dang job!”

machintelligence: ”As with a football team, firing the coach is not usually sufficient to produce the wanted change. It is time to cull the players and introduce some new blood there as well…” 

TheNewGuru: ”She’s got 30 years of service. I’d say it’s more of a retirement than a resignation. “

seamama1: ”Good. What a sad end to a brilliant career. Wish her much luck in the future.”

FireflyI: “Julia Pierson did the only thing she could do. Now comes the hard part, changing the culture of the immoral Secret Service personnel. Our President has been at risk in far too many situations where the Secret Service should have had his back and didn’t.”

Garyatty: ”And Congress needs to resign along with her. Congress is responsible for the oversight of the Secret Service but since they only work three months a year they have been derelict in their duty.”

kathleen-500284: “What’s with the drunken agents, the agents and the call girls, the fence jumper, the shooter and God knows what all else; it is clear the problems at the Secret Service go far beyond the director. I wonder if the agency is not especially vested in protecting this president. In any event, they need a deep housecleaning. As does the whole of ‘Homeland Security,’ in my opinion.”

Franklin Elias: “Women belong in high positions, but not this woman. Equality for all does not mean a bad job gets a pass, but it also does not mean we point out [that] being a woman had anything to do with her not doing her job right.”

grapesmith1234“At least someone in the Obama administration knows the boss is always responsible. It is nice to see someone in a leadership position take the blame for their failures.”

Peter Bafkas-3950912: ”This is good start. But new director needs to restore morale and establish a more rigorous training program.”

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