U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets astronauts Michael Collins (L) and Buzz Aldrin (C) during a visit in the Oval Office at the White House, July 22, 2014 in Washington, DC.
Mark Wilson/Getty

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Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins joined Neil Armstrong’s widow, Carol Armstrong, in the Oval Office with President Obama on Tuesday morning.

A number of researchers and advocates were headed to Australia for the conference.

President Obama called for an immediate cease-fire in the Middle East after mounting civilian casualties in Gaza.

As the president signed the bill, he joked, “Look at everybody, everybody’s smiling, everybody feels good, we could be doing this all the time!”

Two conflicting rulings were issued this week in response to the latest challenge to Obamacare – which is built on this single line concerning eligibility for federal subsidies. 

This conservative lawmaker who won’t be seeking re-election to Congress doesn’t understand why there hasn’t been more buzz about her future plans.

“I believe it is fully appropriate for a state to recognize both traditional marriage as well as same-sex marriage,” Jolly said.

Three countries in the world are still struggling to eradicate the disease.

The Republican nominee will face off against Democrat Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, in the general election.

In a new video titled “Everyone Gets a Gun,” NRA commentator Billy Johnson made that case.

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You made it to the weekend! Treat yourself to the msnbc news quiz