A local resident casts her vote at a polling station in St Andrew Presbyterian Church March 6, 2012 in Sandy Springs, Georgia.
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You do the math: The Georgia political divide

Here’s a riddle: Christina lives 12 miles from her designated polling place, and Maria lives 5. Christina must leave work at 5:30 to get home by 6:00. Maria must pick her kids up at 2:30 so she can bring them to her mother’s house by 3:00. Christina lives next to the highway and can drive up to 65 miles per hour; Maria can drive up to 25 miles per hours on the local roads. If both women leave at 6:25 and the polls close at 7:00, who will get to vote on Election Day?

Answer: They both can make it in time, but neither woman is registered to vote.

Test your knowledge of Georgia’s racial and political divide - then scroll to the bottom to check out Chris Hayes’ reporting on “All In America.”

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You do the math: The Georgia political divide