Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks to guests at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner on Oct. 24, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa.
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You can now buy Bernie Sanders underwear for $15


Got $15? You can now own underwear with Bernie Sanders’ face on it.

Inspired by “Seinfeld” creator Larry David’s “Saturday Night Live” skit, Vermont residents Alexandra MacLean, Nick Sherman and Todd Bailey launched “Bernie’s Briefs” as a side business in October.

Each pair of underwear, made for both men and women, is screen printed with a black-and-white drawing of Sanders and the line “Feel the Bern.”

MacLean said the briefs are not meant to mock the senator in any way – all three of the founders are Sanders supporters. Instead, they hope to bring more attention to what Sanders fights for.

The company’s slogan is “Support briefs, not billionaires” and refers to Sanders’ vocal support of fixing income inequality and opposition to big money in politics. (Sanders has also said he prefers briefs to boxers.)

“It’s just an opportunity to bring something fun into what is otherwise a very serious matter,” MacLean told NECN in Vermont.

Each pair is $15, and 10% of the profits are donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which helps injured service men and women returning to the United States.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign did not immediately comment on the new underwear to MSNBC.

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You can now buy Bernie Sanders underwear for $15