Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (R), his wife Jane (2nd R) and musician Michael Stipe (3rd R) order hot dogs at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island, New York, April 10, 2016.
Photo by Bryan Snyder/Reuters

Which recipes are associated with the five 2016 candidates?

The remaining presidential candidates seem to have taken New York City’s nickname to heart. John Kasich ignited the great debate over how to properly eat pizza when he used a fork at Gino’s Pizzeria in Howard Beach, Queens. The internet similarly had a lot to say after Hillary Clinton sampled cheesecake at Junior’s in downtown Brooklyn. And Bernie Sanders bit into a hot dog across the borough at Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island. Those are far from the only bites that the final five standing have taken out of the “Big Apple” during the 2016 cycle. 

Across the state, food has been a very prominent ingredient to what will finally be a recipe for two winners on Tuesday night. “I’ve eaten my way across the entire state of New York, and I’ve had the best time,” Kasich told “Hardball” host Chris Matthews at a recent MSNBC town hall. But the candidates, as it turns out, aren’t the only ones with “big” appetites. During the past week, many New Yorkers who googled the presidential contenders also googled recipes. Based on these searches, here are the top recipes associated with each candidate, according to Google:   

Hillary Clinton

  1. Shrimp scampi
  2. Quinoa
  3. Meat pie
  4. Arugula salad
  5. Green seasoning  

Bernie Sanders

  1. Vegan passover
  2. Authentic Mexican
  3. Eggplant
  4. Authentic Mexican enchilada
  5. Guacamole

Ted Cruz

  1. Kung pao chicken
  2. Carrot bisque soup
  3. Swai fish
  4. Salad
  5. Rice bowl

John Kasich

  1. Filet mignon
  2. Eggplant
  3. Cheesy chicken casserole
  4. Crescent roll
  5. Homemade spaghetti sauce

Donald Trump

  1. Pork chop
  2. Rice bowl
  3. Tilapia
  4. Flounder
  5. Double chocolate quest bar