Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a selfie with a supporter after receiving an endorsement from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Jan. 10, 2016 in Hooksett, N.H.
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Where the presidential candidates stand according to social media

We’re two weeks out from the Iowa caucuses, which officially kick off the presidential primaries, and the race is getting heated. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck in the polls, while on the GOP side, Donald Trump, Ted, Cruz, and Marco Rubio are all jockeying for first place in the polls.

But how are the candidates performing on social media? Social media analytics firm Crowdtangle released data this week on the presidential candidates and their social accounts. On the Republican side, Trump has dominated social media conversations more than any other candidate, according to Crowdtangle. His Facebook posts and Instagram posts consistently get more engagement than any other candidate’s posts. He has gained nearly 7 million followers and generated 85 million interactions across all his social media platforms since June 1 — more social audience growth than any other presidential candidate in that time frame.

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On the Democratic side, the race is much closer. Both Clinton and Sanders have strong, engaged audiences on social media, and their numbers are much closer to each other. Hillary Clinton has a total of 10,852,998 fans across all social platforms, and has gained 2.8 million of those fans since June 1. Her rival, Sanders, has less total followers — just 6.2 million — but, he has also added 2.8 million total new followers since June 1, proving that his audience may be smaller than Clinton’s, but it’s growing at a faster rate.

Here are the five biggest candidate Facebook posts since June 1, by number of interactions, including likes, comments, and shares:

The five biggest candidate Instagram posts since June 1, by number of interactions:

The five biggest Tweets by presidential candidates since June 1, by total interactions:

The five biggest YouTube videos by presidential candidates since June 1, by total views:

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Where the presidential candidates stand according to social media