A memorial is cordoned off in Ferguson, Mo., near the spot of where Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson police office Darren Wilson. Sept. 23, 2014.
Photo by Jeff Roberson/Getty

Where Officer Darren Wilson was before shooting Michael Brown

Approximately 90 minutes before fatally shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Officer Darren Wilson was at a nearby apartment complex responding to a call from a woman claiming a man threatened to shoot her. When the suspect left the area and the victim declined to file charges, Wilson responded to a call about a sick baby who was struggling to breathe.

These details emerged late Thursday when CBS affiliate KMOV obtained previously unseen police records detailing the embattled officer’s whereabouts on Aug. 9 prior to his fateful encounter with Brown.

As for Wilson’s current whereabouts, those remain unknown, and not without consequence. As many as 10 criminal cases in which Wilson is a witness have been thrust into limbo as Wilson remains in hiding since the day he shot and killed Brown in the St. Louis suburb.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, The Washington Post reported that St. Louis officials were looking into a report of misconduct by a member of the grand jury investigating Brown’s death. The complaint stemmed from a tweet reportedly sent out Wednesday claiming that a member of the grand jury had told an acquaintance that there was not yet enough evidence to indict Wilson. On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that the St. Louis woman accused of posting the tweet denied the allegations, saying her Twitter account was hacked.

Additional reporting by David Taintor and Trymaine Lee