Donald Trump makes a point as he walks with former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin in New York, N.Y., as they make their way to a scheduled meeting, May 31, 2010.
Photo by Craig Ruttle/AP

What’s a news quiz without a Palin-Trump pizza party? Dig in


This week, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin showcased their camaraderie on social media, NBA history was made, and we learned that we may be seeing a new face on the $10 bill. Test your knowledge about this week’s developments with this news quiz!

Trump invited Palin to recreate their infamous pizza date in a tweet on Wednesday after Palin praised his presidential announcement in a Facebook post

Despite a record-setting performance by the Cavaliers’ Lebron James, the Golden State Warriors pulled through to win the NBA finals. 

The 83rd attorney general is currently working on two major cases, including the FIFA corruption scandal and the role of Baltimore police in Freddie Gray’s death.  

The Treasury Department has decided to debut the new $10 bill starting in 2020, which marks the 100th anniversary of a woman’s right to vote. Americans are encouraged to share their opinions on who should be the face of the bill using the hashtag #New10 on social media. 

Joyce Mitchell’s husband, Lyle, also worked at the Clinton Correctional Facility. “There’s no way I’m standing behind her,” Lyle said according to his lawyer. 

Trump issued a statement saying he would not be using the song for his campaign moving forward, but he remains a fan of Young’s music. 

The case went to the Supreme Court, where the plaintiff lost in a ruling of 5-4. 

The pope has also faced criticism from within the church, where people are accusing him of promoting communistic ideals. 

A federal appeals court extended an emergency stay blocking his release on June 12. 


What's a news quiz without a Palin-Trump pizza party? Dig in