A group of students outside of Normandy High School just moments after the bell rang at the end of school in Wellston, St. Louis County, Mo.
Photo by Trymaine Lee for MSNBC

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Voting rights in danger one year after Shelby County Supreme Court ruling
by Zachary Roth

Since the Voting Rights Act was weakened, numerous states have imposed voting restrictions. And the effort to fix the law is stalled in Congress. 

White school district sends black kids back to failed schools
by Trymaine Lee

After a landmark ruling in Missouri that allowed thousands of black students to transfer out of failing schools, the board of education has reversed course.

Supreme Court strikes down abortion clinic buffer zone law
by Irin Carmon

In a unanimous opinion, the Supreme Court struck down a Massachusetts law Thursday that set a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics, saying it violates the First Amendment. Massachusetts had argued that the buffer zone, which anti-abortion protesters said violated their free speech rights, keeps patients and clinic staff safer.

A ‘people’s movement’ for voting rights
by Zachary Roth

One state lawmaker is sick of the decade-long fight over ballot access in the Buckeye State. She wants to put the issue to rest – by mobilizing regular folks.

Missouri schools send staff to concealed-weapons trainings
by Michele Richinick

Some school board members voted in favor of sending certain faculty members to firearms trainings to carry concealed weapons at school.


In Case You Missed It: The week’s top stories from msnbc