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1AM | Lockup Raw: Rock Bottom Watch preview

2AM | Lockup Raw: The Ties That Bind Watch preview

3AM | Lockup Sacramento: Extended Stay - The Eyes Have It Watch preview 

4AM | Lockup Raw: A Young People’s Guide to Jail Watch preview 

5AM | Lockup Raw: Deadly Trade

5PM | Dateline: On Assignment (PREMIERE) Watch preview 

6PM | Caught on Camera: Dash Cam Diaries 2 Watch preview 

7PM | Caught on Camera: Thrills and Spills Watch preview 

8PM | Locked Up Abroad: We’re The Kings Watch preview

9PM | Locked Up Abroad: Human Shields In Iraq Watch preview 

10PM | Lockup Raw: SEG Watch preview 

11PM | Lockup: The Criminal Mind Watch preview


12AM | Lockup: Inside Stateville Watch preview

1AM | Lockup: Inside San Quentin Watch preview

2AM | Lockup: Inside L.A. County Watch preview

3AM | Lockup: Inside L.A. County (cont) Watch preview

4AM | Lockup Raw: The Little Things Watch preview 

5AM | Lockup Raw: SEG Watch preview 

6AM | Lockup: The Criminal Mind Watch preview

7AM | Lockup Raw: Love Is a Double-Edged Sword Watch preview 

5PM | Caught on Camera: Fireball! Watch preview

6PM | Caught on Camera: Fury!  Watch preview 

7PM | Caught on Camera: Crimes and Crime Stoppers Watch preview  

8PM | Why Planes Crash: Confusion In The Cockpit Watch preview 

9PM | Why Planes Crash: Collision Course Watch preview 

10PM | Lockup: Riverbend Watch preview 

11PM | Lockup: Return To Valley State Watch preview

12AM | Lockup: Return to Rikers Island Watch preview

1AM | Lockup: NC Women’s Prison Watch preview

2AM | Meet The Press

3AM | Caught on Camera: Crimes and Crime Stoppers Watch preview

4AM | Meet The Press

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MSNBC Documentaries Schedule