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10PM | Lockup Extended Stay: San Antonio - Carry That Weight Watch preview 

11PM | Lockup Extended Stay: San Antonio - A House Divided Watch preview 

12AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Cleveland - Rush Watch preview 

1AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Cleveland - Bullschmidt Watch preview 

2AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Cleveland - It Burns Watch preview 

3AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Cleveland - Rush Watch preview 

4AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Cleveland - Bullschmidt Watch preview 


5AM | Lockup Raw: A Lifetime of Misery 

2PM | Caught on Camera: Witness To The Crime Watch preview 

3PM | Caught on Camera: Thieves and Thugs Watch preview 

4PM | Caught on Camera: They Fought The Law Watch preview 

5PM | Caught on Camera: Watch Out! Watch preview 

6PM | Caught on Camera: Hoarding Watch preview 

7PM | Caught on Camera: What Went Wrong? Watch preview 

8PM | Caught on Camera: Overboard! Watch preview 

9PM | Lockup Extended Stay: Cleveland - Checkmate Watch preview 

10PM | Lockup Raw: A Brotherhood of Gangs Watch preview 

11PM | Lockup Raw: Trouble In Tulsa Watch preview 

12AM | Lockup Raw: The Gang Investigators Watch preview 

1AM | Lockup Raw: Severed Ties Watch preview 

2AM | Lockup Raw: No Boys Allowed Watch preview 

3AM | Lockup Raw: View From The Crew Watch preview 

4AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Cleveland - Checkmate Watch preview 


5AM | Lockup Raw: A Brotherhood of Gangs Watch preview 

6AM | Lockup Raw: Trouble in Tulsa Watch preview 

7AM | Lockup Raw: Unwritten Rules 

3PM | Caught on Camera: Trapped Watch preview 

4PM | Caught on Camera: Wild Rides Watch preview 

5PM | Caught on Camera: Close Encounters With Death Watch preview 

6PM | Caught on Camera: Axles Of Evil Watch preview 

7PM | Sex Slaves: The Teen Trade Watch preview 

8PM | Sex Slaves: Massage Parlors Watch preview 

9PM | Sex Slaves: Florida Watch preview 

10PM | Sex Slaves: Texas Watch preview 

11PM | Sex Slaves: Chicago Watch preview 

12AM | Sex Slaves: The Sunshine State Watch preview 

1AM | Sex Slaves: Motor City Teens Watch preview 

3AM | Sex Slaves: Massage Parlors Watch preview 

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MSNBC Documentaries Schedule