MSNBC Documentaries Schedule

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10PM | Lockup Extended Stay: New Mexico - Get Out and Stay Out Watch preview 

11PM | Locked Raw: Ganging Up Watch preview 

12AM | Locked Up Abroad: Wine, Whiskey and Waylaid Watch preview 

1AM | Lockup Up Abroad: Dangerous Liaisons Watch preview 

2AM | Lockup: Tennessee Women’s Prison Watch preview 

3AM | Lockup Raw: The Revolving Door Watch preview 

4AM | Lockup Raw: Hardcore Watch preview 


5AM | Lockup Raw: Kill or Be Killed 

2PM | Caught on Camera: Defiance Watch preview 

3PM | Caught on Camera: Brace Yourself Watch preview 

4PM | Caught on Camera: Occupational Hazard Watch preview 

5PM | Caught on Camera: Thrills and Spills Watch preview

6PM | Caught on Camera: To The Rescue! Watch preview 

7PM | Caught on Camera: Cheating Death Watch preview 

8PM | Caught on Camera: Boom! Watch preview

9PM & 10PM | White House Correspondents’ Dinner 

11PM | Lockup Extended Stay: Indiana - Cutting Watch preview 

12AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Indiana - For Better or Worse Watch preview 

1AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Indiana - Brotherhood Watch preview 

2AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Indiana - Predator and Prey Watch preview 

3AM | Lockup World Tour: Western Europe Watch preview 

4AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Indiana - “Old School” Convicts Watch preview 


5AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Indiana - Tipped Off Watch preview 

6AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Indiana - Cutting Watch preview 

7AM | Lockup Raw: “Jail Brake” 

3PM | Caught on Camera: Eyes Everywhere Watch preview 

4PM | Caught on Camera: Out Of Line Watch preview 

5PM | Caught on Camera: Overboard Watch preview 

6PM | Caught on Camera: Viral Videos - Do You Believe? Watch preview 

7PM | Caught on Camera: Bad Behavior Watch preview 

8PM | Camera on Camera: Dash Cam Diaries 2 Watch preview 

9PM | Locked Up Abroad: Mexico Money Machine Watch preview 

10PM | Locked Up Abroad: I Was A Teenage Drug Mule Watch preview 

11PM | Lockup Extended Stay: Pendleton - Everyone’s Got Baggage 

12AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Pendleton - Under Pressure 

1AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Pendleton - Zero To Sixty 

3AM | Caught on Camera: Dash Cam Diaries 2 Watch preview 

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MSNBC Documentaries Schedule