MSNBC Documentaries Schedule

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10PM | Lockup Raw: Hardcore Watch preview 

11PM | Locked Raw: Dues and Don’ts Watch preview 

12AM | Locked Up Abroad: Backstabbed In Thailand Watch preview 

1AM | Locked Up Abroad: The Real Midnight Express Watch preview 

2AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Maricopa County - Daddy’s Girl Watch preview 

3AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Maricopa County - High Stakes Watch preview 

4AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Maricopa County - Identity Crisis Watch preview 


5AM | Lockup Raw: Lifers 

2PM | Caught on Camera: Armed and Dangerous Watch preview 

3PM | Caught on Camera: Combat Watch preview 

4PM | Caught on Camera: Fireball! Watch preview 

5PM | Caught on Camera: Teens Gone Wild Watch preview

6PM | Caught on Camera: The Thin Blue Line Watch preview 

7PM | Caught on Camera: Fight Or Flight Watch preview 

8PM | Locked Up Abroad: Black Palace Of Horrors Watch preview

9PM | Locked Up Abroad: Trouble In The Jungle Watch preview 

10PM | Lockup Raw: Harsh Reality Watch preview 

11PM | Lockup Raw: Doomed Decisions Watch preview 

12AM | Lockup Raw: Consequences Watch preview 

1AM | Lockup Raw: The Three R’s Watch preview 

2AM | Lockup Raw: It’s Complicated Watch preview 

3AM | Lockup Raw: Nothing But Time Watch preview 

4AM | Lockup Raw: Harsh Reality Watch preview 


5AM | Lockup Raw: Doomed Decisions Watch preview 

6AM | Lockup Raw: Consequences Watch preview 

7AM | Lockup Raw: A Lifetime Of Misery 

3PM | Caught on Camera: Viral Videos - How? What? Why? Watch preview 

4PM | Caught on Camera: What Would You Do? Watch preview 

5PM | Caught on Camera: Wild Rides Watch preview 

6PM | Caught on Camera: Close Encounters With Death Watch preview 

7PM | Caught on Camera: Wrong Side Of The Law Watch preview 

8PM | PREMIERE - Camera on Camera: Brave Watch preview 

9PM | Locked Up Abroad: From Hollywood To Hell Watch preview 

10PM | Locked Up Abroad: High Heels & Heroin Watch preview

11PM | Lockup Raw: Ain’t No Hotel Watch preview 

12AM | Lockup Raw: Private Hell Watch preview 

1AM | Lockup Extended Stay: Orange County - The Confession Watch preview 

3AM | Caught on Camera: Brave Watch preview 

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MSNBC Documentaries Schedule