WATCH: Kerry says Syria 'concerns every American's security'

— Updated

Secretary of State John Kerry continued the Obama administration's push for military action against the Syrian government, telling reporters in Paris, France, that non-action from the U.S. military could embolden America's potential enemies. He said:

"This concerns every American's security. This is not remote. This is not some far-off place where something happened that's just one Arab sect killing another Arab sect on some internal fight. These are chemical weapons, which for almost 100 years the world has banned from usage, and in a time of war, the only people who have used them are Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein."

Kerry was responding to a question from NBC's Andrea Mitchell, who asked him how the United States could engage in possible strikes as more and more Americans oppose any kind of intervention in the conflict, especially without the mandate of the United Nations or other countries.

Watch the full discussion in the video player above.