Warren rips Brown and GOP for voting against ‘equal pay for equal work’


Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren blasted GOP rival Scott Brown for opening a new front in the GOP war on women. 

Warren skewered Brown for rejecting a measure that would have guaranteed women are paid the same amount as their male counterparts.

“It’s called equal pay for equal work, which seems not only to be right, it’s like the cornerstone of who we are as a people,” Warren told msnbc’s Al Sharpton on Thursday.

All Republicans voted against the bill on Tuesday, despite a recent census report that showed women, on average, make 77 cents for every dollar their male counterparts rake in for the same position.

Brown argued the bill would put more burdens on small businesses and could lead to job losses.

Other GOPers, including Republican National Committee Chair Reince Prebius said the Paycheck Fairness Act would result in lawmakers unfairly legislating morality.

“The idea that my Republican opponent and all of his Republican friends line up against that. It’s not just wrong, it’s deeply worrisome,” Warren said. 

She went on to criticize presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who is calling for a repeal of financial regulation law Dodd-Frank.

“His notion of freedom, that’s not freedom,” she said. ”That’s a world where the biggest guys just beat on the rest of us and say we’re taking your money.”

Warren is in a heated race against Brown as she tries to capture the seat held for nearly 46 years by Ted Kennedy before Brown won it in a shocking upset in 2010.

The Massachusetts Senate race is considered a must-watch this year, as it is one of the Dems’ few viable opportunities to pick off a GOP-held seat.

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Elizabeth Warren, Al Sharpton and Scott Brown

Warren rips Brown and GOP for voting against 'equal pay for equal work'