Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks during the Freedom Summit, Jan. 24, 2015, in Des Moines, Iowa.
Photo by Mark Peterson/Redux for MSNBC

Scott Walker tiptoes closer to a presidential run

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has inched closer to a 2016 presidential run, announcing on Tuesday that he is setting up a committee that will help him fundraise should he decide to jump in the race.

Walker’s announcement comes as the nascent 2016 race continues to heat up on the Republican side with other potential candidates generating buzz by setting up similar committees.

Walker’s committee will be called “Our American Revival” and comes on the heels of the Republican’s successful appearance at a conservative summit in the early voting state of Iowa. 

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“Our American Revival encompasses the shared values that make our country great; limiting the powers of the federal government to those defined in the Constitution while creating a leaner, more efficient, more effective and more accountable government to the American people,” Walker said in a statement.

News of the committee was first reported by The Washington Post and confirmed by NBC News. Rick Wiley, former political director of the Republican National Committee, will serve as the group’s executive director.

“Our American Revival” is a 527 leadership committee, which is different than a political action committee. Walker’s group will be allowed to raise unlimited funds, but there are more disclosure requirements and he won’t be able to use that cash to support other candidates. 

Walker’s announcement comes on the heels of similar moves by other potential Republican contenders. 

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has set up a political action committee called “Leadership Matters for America,” which will provide him a fundraising vehicle and allow the governor to set up donors lists, hire staff, travel around the country and raise his profile. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has also announced a new leadership political action committee named “Right to Rise.”

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Walker recently won a second term in office following a hard-fought election against Democrat Mary Burke. He has grappled with an inquiry into his administration regarding alleged illegal fundraising and has faced criticism over his attempt to roll back union rights, surviving a recall election in 2012.

Still, Walker emerged a breakout star in Iowa over the weekend at Rep. Steve King’s “Freedom Summit,” which was attended by several other potential 2016  hopefuls, including Christie, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and former Govs. Rick Perry of Texas and Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. Walker delivered remarks touting his ability to “go big and go bold.”

“Maybe that’s why I won the race for governor three times in the last four years. Three times, mind you, in a state that hasn’t gone Republican for president since I was in high school more than 30 years ago,” said Walker, adding, “If you’re not afraid to go big and go bold, you can actually get results. You can applaud for that. And if you get the job done, the voters will actually stand up with you.”