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It’s been two weeks since we launched the new, we invited you to Explore, Watch, Join In, and Speak Out, and that’s exactly what you have done. Your participation and feedback has been valuable as we continue to roll out new features and showcase your experiences. We wanted to share a couple of updates:

The first is that we put out the call, and you answered. Thanks to your participation we were able to get first-hand accounts of your experience in the story, My Obamacare: You told us your stories. Fans of Hardball got a chance to ask host Chris Matthews questions about his show and the future of progressive politics, and reporter Suzy Khimm had a conversation about the sequester’s effect on small communities. You’ve also held thoughtful discussions in our groups, “Let’s Play Hardball,” “Women in Politics,” and many others. Our site simply doesn’t work without your voices and we have been amazed by your response. Thank you for respecting one another and the Community Rules. 

As a reminder of our website values and norms, please revisit our rules here:

We’re listening and your thoughts matter, please continue to share them with us.


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Two weeks of