Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claps as he listens during an event in Manchester, N.H., Nov. 11, 2015.
Photo by Cheryl Senter/AP

Trump sounds off on man buns, Black Lives Matter


Donald Trump spoke with GQ magazine about Justin Bieber’s green card, the Black Lives Matter movement, and shaking hands, but it’s the Republican front-runner’s perception of his own greatness that earned both the tongue-in-cheek headline (“This Donald Trump Interview is The Best. You’re Gonna Love it”) and much of the piece. 

“Yeah, I was a great student,” Trump tells an aide meditatively early in the piece. “I was good at everything.”

The other successes mentioned by Trump or his spokesman in the interview include his success with women in school, his academic prowess, his military leadership (“I would be somebody that would be amazingly calm under pressure”), tolerance (I am the least racist person that you have ever met) and just his general success overall (“I’ve had tremendous success, and I’ve just done it.”) 

Here’s a few other issues Trump weighed in on. 

Man buns.

Trump’s “never been a fan of them.” 

Trump says he would “cherish” men, too.

Asked about gender equality, Trump applied the phrase he’s used to describe his relationship with women to men.

“I would. I would. I would cherish men. I cherish all people in their lives. I think it’s very important. No, I would cherish men, I would cherish women—I want to take care of everybody,” Trump said.

Black Lives Matter?

“To me, all lives matter. All lives matter… I think that term is hurting them, not helping them.”

Deport Justin Bieber?

“Absolutely not.”

Hillary Clinton?

“I think I’ll beat her.”