Trump slams Sanders: He’s all talk on trade


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump slammed Democratic rival Bernie Sanders in an interview with NBC News Wednesday, saying he’s all talk and no action on trade deals.

“The difference is I’ll make good deals and he wouldn’t know where to begin,” Trump said from his campaign headquarters. “He can complain but he can’t change it.”

The interview comes on the heels of the Democratic debate, during which Sanders condemned the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a bad deal while Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton defended her recent decision to oppose it.

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While the Republican front-runner lobbed criticism in the interview, the Trump campaign also released an Instagram video jabbing Sanders for not seeming like a strong leader.

“The world is a dangerous place. We need a tough, strong leader — and it’s not this guy,” a voice over says, showing footage of ISIS before cutting to footage of Sanders being confronted on stage by — and losing his microphone to — activists from the Black Lives Matters movement.

“Bernie can’t even defend his microphone. How will he defend this country?” the voice-over continues, before flashing a Trump 2016 banner.  

Trump also said that Benghazi is not a top issue for his campaign, because it’s just one of many failures he sees in Clinton’s administration.

“It’s not the biggest issue in terms of my own process; I have a lot of respect for Trey [Gowdy, chairman of the Benghazi investigatory committee] and a lot of respect for the people on the committee,” Trump said. “I think they’re doing the right thing, but Benghazi is one of many, many things. Hillary has had such a bad time as secretary of state.”