Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks to the media in the "spin room" after the Republican presidential candidates debate sponsored by ABC News at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., Feb. 6, 2016. 
Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Trump says Iowa caucus results ‘very unfair’


Donald Trump said Sunday that he does not need to win the New Hampshire primary and that the Iowa caucus results were “very unfair” to him and Ben Carson.

“There are those that say I actually came in first, depending on how you want to count the votes, to be honest, because that was a horrible thing that took place,” Trump said on “Meet The Press.” “But I was very proud of Iowa and I’d never done it before.”

Iowa caucus winner Ted Cruz apologized to Ben Carson after supporters spread rumors that Carson was planning to end his campaign in an effort to get them to support Cruz. Trump has said it may have pushed Cruz over the top and caused him to fall to second.

“I’m not thinking about Iowa, I’m thinking about New Hampshire,” Trump said while lamenting the caucus system. “I don’t care about it anymore.”

Trump said he would like to do well in the Granite State, but dismissed the idea it is a must win. A 7News/University of Massachusetts Lowell New Hampshire tracking poll released Sunday showed he is in a strong position, leading the field with support from 36 percent of GOP voters in New Hampshire.

“I like this system much better in New Hampshire [than caucus system] where you go out, you like somebody, you vote,” Trump said.

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