Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets members of the "National Diversity Coalition for Trump," a day ahead of New York primary on April 18, 2016 in New York City.
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Trump says Clinton ‘not qualified’ because Sanders says so


HARRISBURG, Penn. — Donald Trump made a confusing and meandering argument for why he thinks Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president Thursday night.

For the second night in a row, Trump went after the Democratic front-runner, this time saying he doesn’t think she is fit to be president — although just moments earlier he said she is “qualified, I guess.”

Citing Bernie Sanders, who first questioned Clinton’s qualifications, Trump noted that the Vermont senator has “been tough on her.” And Trump would like it to stay that way.

“He said a couple of little things, he said, ‘She suffers from bad judgment,’” Trump began. “And she said, ‘No.’”

Trump added, “I don’t know, I think she’s qualified, I guess. But that doesn’t mean she’s good.”

He continued, in his characteristic impromptu and rambling style:

“I mean I actually like, he said she is not qualified to be president. Now, what he meant is because her

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judgment is so bad, so Bernie Sanders — not me — said she’s not qualified. So now I’m gonna say she’s not qualified. OK.”

And for those predicting a more low-key, “presidential” Trump, don’t hold your breath.

The GOP front-runner told a half full Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex that despite a rigged delegate system “we’re winning a lot” and “we’re kicking ass!”

The classically Trump comments came as many, including Trump Convention Manager Paul Manafort, have been putting forth a new strategy that involves a more moderate, less brash, and more presidential version of Trump. While Trump acknowledges the push for a more presidential tone, he’s not sure he’s ready to make that shift just yet.

“My wife is constantly saying, ‘Darling, be more presidential.’ I just don’t know that I wanna do it quite yet!” Trump bellowed, sending the crowd into cheers.

His rational included having to do away with “two leftovers” — Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz — so he has to continue to “be tough for a little while.”

But once that shift is made, Trump’s prediction for what his rallies would look like sound like the exact opposite of what Trump rallies have become infamous for.

“At some point,” Trump said, “I’m gonna be so presidential that you people will be so bored.”

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Trump says Clinton 'not qualified' because Sanders says so