Trump on making Rubio VP? ‘Sure,’ but…


Republican front-runner Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Marco Rubio would make a great vice presidential choice, but it’s just too early to talk about it. 

“If he runs and loses, and I don’t think he’d win right now, he’ll never be able to do anything very big [politically],” Trump said of Rubio on “Morning Joe.”

The Florida senator, who is trailing in third after failing to pick up any new delegates in Tuesday night’s primaries, promises to win Florida next week, but polling has yet to show him in the lead there yet. Trump on Tuesday night won Michigan and Mississippi, the two biggest delegate prizes of the night. 

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“I don’t want to say that, he’s got a big decision to make, and he should make his own decision, I’ve always liked him and now he’s hit me very hard,” Trump said, arguing that a loss in his home state would be very destructive to his political career. “I just don’t want to be involved in his decision.”

Pressed on if he’d consider Rubio as a vice presidential candidate if he dropped out this week – before risking a Florida loss – Trump answered affirmatively.

“Sure, sure and he’s got talent. I just don’t want to say that yet,” he said. 

“We’ll take that sure as a yes,” host Joe Scarborough added.

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Trump on making Rubio VP? 'Sure,' but…