Trump gives very Trump victory speech in New Hampshire


Political Theatre: The presidential campaign of Donald Trump
“Make America Great Again.”
“We are going to make America great again!” Donald Trump declared in the first line of his victory speech in New Hampshire, where he thanked his family and campaign manager – and especially his wife, Melania. “What she puts up with…” he joked.

The GOP front-runner then thanked his fellow GOP candidates, but not for more than a breath – “now that I got that over with,” he joked, again.

At the same time, a diminished Jeb Bush was giving a speech of his own in the Granite State.

Trump exclaimed: “Who do we really want to thank? We want to thank the people of New Hampshire!”

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The business mogul reiterated his standard messages on being a self-funder, and the great wall he plans to have Mexico build on the southern border. “We’re repealing and replacing Obamacare,” he said, adding that Common Core is also getting nixed. “We’re going to rebuild our military,” Trump said. “It’s going to be so big, so strong.” 

“Nobody is going to mess with us. Nobody. Nobody.”

Trump was projected the winner of the New Hampshire primary by a landslide at 8 p.m.

In his speech, the candidate also acknowledged Bernie Sanders’ win in New Hampshire on the Democratic side, but quickly added, he wants to “give away our country.”

To the supporters chanting Trump’s name, the candidate took a brief pause. “That’s so beautiful,” he said.

Trump is headed to South Carolina, where he declared he is going to win.

On the ground with the New Hampshire primary
Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders was the projected winner in the New Hampshire primary, the nation’s first of the 2016 presidential race, on Tuesday,