A large poster of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is displayed in a residential neighborhood in West Des Moines, Iowa, Jan. 28, 2016.
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Trump foundation has given little to vets groups

Donald Trump has vowed to donate the donations he receives tonight to the Trump Foundation to veterans groups. But a look at The Donald J. Trump Foundation’s history of giving shows that the organization has given a small percentage of its donations to veterans groups.

Since 2010, Trump has donated just $35,000 to veterans groups, according to the foundation’s 990 forms that donated $5 million during the same time.

In 2014, the year his foundation donated the most amount of money to vets groups, the foundation gave $10,000 to the Green Beret Foundation, $5,000 to K9s for Warriors and $5,000 for Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

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Trump is skipping Thursday night’s Fox News debate and instead hosting his own even in Des Moines where he said he’s going to raise money for veterans.

At a previous CNN debate, Trump told the network that they should donate all of their profits to veterans.

Trump often says at this campaign rallies, “We’re gonna take care of veterans.”

While Trump’s foundation has given little to vets, he did donate $1 million to New York City’s The Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Plaza in 2008, according to the New York Times.

During those years, Trump’s foundation gave $10,000 to the William J. Clinton Foundation and $100,000 to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

His foundation also gave $100,000 to Citizens United, the organization that spurred the 2010 Supreme Court case that led to the proliferation of money in politics. Trump often denounces super PACs, the groups that proliferated after the Citizens United decision.

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