Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses a rally in Bethpage, Long Island, N.Y., on April 6, 2016.
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Trump blasts Boston Globe for satirical cover


Donald Trump responded Monday to the Boston Globe, which imagined what the first months of a Trump presidency would look like with a satirical cover and a critical editorial board piece published Sunday.

In an interview with Fox News, the GOP front-runner said that the paper was biased against him. 

“I won Massachusetts with almost 50 percent of the vote and there were many candidates running,” Trump said. “It just shows you the power that paper has ‘cause they were just vehemently against [me]. They don’t want to see strong borders. They don’t want to see all of the things that you talk about over there. They don’t want to see good trade, they want to see bad trade deals.”  

The satirical cover included headlines that imagined the impact of Trump’s stances on immigration, trade, the press and terrorism. “Deportations to begin,” “Markets sink as trade war looms,” “New libel law targets ‘absolute scum’ in press,” and “U.S. soldiers refuse orders to kill ISIS families” were among the faux headlines.  

The business mogul proceeded to say that the Boston Globe had waning influence and was a “supermarket throw out.” 

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“Here’s a paper that was sold for one dollar a little while ago. One dollar. And that’s what it’s worth, one dollar,” Trump said. 

Trump then questioned why the paper did not make a satirical cover for Hillary Clinton.

“They wouldn’t do it on the other side,” Trump told the hosts. “They want to do it on this side. I mean, it’s a very sad thing. And it’s sad for the paper. You know, it used to be considered a major paper. And now it’s like a supermarket throw out.”

In an editor’s note, the Globe said its intent was to show the “dangers of Trump’s vision” and call on the GOP to stop the businessman.

“This is Donald Trump’s America,” the note reads. “What you read on this page is what might happen if the GOP front-­runner can put his ideas into practice, his words into action. Many Americans might find this vision appealing, but the Globe’s editorial board finds it deeply troubling.”

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Trump blasts Boston Globe for satirical cover