Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Marshalltown, Iowa, Jan. 26, 2016.
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Trump: Abrasive style ‘seems to be working pretty well’ after Nevada win


Fresh off his third consecutive electoral victory, Donald Trump said there’s no reason to change what’s been working for him the most: his brash, abrasive campaigning style.

“I think I might tone it down a little bit,” he said on TODAY of his style, should he become president. But he also noted the style has proved effective.

“We had a total of 17 people and now we’re down to six,” he said of the winnowing Republican field. “I may very well change it, but right now it seems to be working pretty well.”

Trump won Nevada with a staggering lead over his opponents, nearly doubling the percentage of votes won by Sen. Marco Rubio, who came in second, and Sen. Ted Cruz, who trailed at third. Ben Carson and John Kasich each reported single digits.

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Trump’s win in Nevada followed victories in South Carolina and New Hampshire. It also provides the billionaire candidate with momentum leading into next week’s Super Tuesday, when 11 states will hold primaries and caucuses in a single day.

While he and Cruz have been actively engaged in a verbal slugfest, Trump has laid off Rubio, leading Republican pundits to wonder when that could change. Trump said that Rubio has “been very nice” but acknowledged the two may have to confront each other eventually.

“We haven’t been in that mode yet but probably it’ll happen, but if it doesn’t happen, that would be a wonderful thing. It would be very nice,” he said.

Trump suggested that Rubio may be hesitant to go on the attack against him because he’s seen what happened when other rivals did so.

“Fourteen people went after me, and 14 people are now officially gone. I seem to have a very good track record when they do go after me,” he said.

“So far I’ve got a very unblemished track record and maybe he looks that.”

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Donald Trump and Nevada

Trump: Abrasive style 'seems to be working pretty well' after Nevada win