Trump on 2002 Iraq support: ‘Who knows what was in my head’


Donald Trump responded to a 2002 clip where he pledged lukewarm support for the Iraq war, a war he says he does not support now, by saying, “I really don’t even know what I mean.” Back in 2002, Trump told Howard Stern on his radio show that he was for invading Iraq but that he wishes “the first time it was done correctly.”

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When asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd to explain what his 2002 comments he said:

Well, what I mean by that is it almost shouldn’t have been done. And you know, I really don’t even know what I mean, because that was a long time ago, and who knows what was in my head. I think that it wasn’t done correctly. In retrospect, it [the Iraq War] shouldn’t have been done at all.

In the last few weeks, the undisputed front-runner also seemed to flip-flop on his opinion of the women’s health care organization Planned Parenthood and whether he supported the health insurance mandate that is a part of Obamacare.

On the subject of federal funding for Planned Parenthood Trump said:

“Planned Parenthood does a really good job at a lot of different areas. But not on abortion. So I’m not going to fund it if it’s doing the abortion. I am not going to fund it.”

And on the health insurance mandate he said he doesn’t believe in it but that it’s still important to take care of people who can’t afford health care:

“I’m really talking about people that can’t afford it. We’re not going to let people die in squalor because we are Republicans, okay?”

On Saturday, Trump won all 50 delegates in South Carolina taking his delegate count up to 67 in the hunt for the 1237 delegates needed to be declared the presumptive nominee.

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