Tom Barrett: Walker is ‘desperate, trying to run out the clock’


With the historic Wisconsin recount coming up on Tuesday, Tom Barrett stopped by PoliticsNation to share a few insights on opponent Scott Walker, and to encourage people to get out and vote.

 Despite being outspent 10 to 1 throughout the recall campaign, Barrett seems to be gaining on Walker. That’s because “people in Wisconsin get it,” Barrett told Rev. Al Sharpton.

 The recall has gained nationwide attention. Bill Clinton even called Wisconsin “America’s battleground” while campaigning for Barrett on Thursday, slamming Walker’s “divide and conquer” agenda. Barrett explained the nationwide significance of the election: 

“It’s about whether we’re going to have a governor who’s going to stand up for the middle class and those people who want to be in the middle class or whether this is about the wealthiest people in our society. That’s really what this is about.”

During a debate on Thursday, Barrett ripped Walker for hiring felons and putting out “Willie Horton”-style attack ads as the “poster boy of the Tea Party.” Check out this highlight reel from round one of their debates.