Protesters block the intersection of West Florissant Avenue and Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Mo., Tuesday night, April 28, 2015. Looting, fires and gunfire broke out overnight in Ferguson during protests in response to the death of Freddie Gray in police custody in Baltimore.
Photo by David Carson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/AP

Three shot in Ferguson during apparent Baltimore-related protests


Three people were shot during protests on Tuesday night in Ferguson, Missouri, near the area where unarmed black teen Michael Brown Jr. was shot and killed by a white police officer last August.

The shootings, which occurred at different times, took place around Canfield Drive and West Florissant Avenue, where an estimated 300 people were walking the streets in a protest apparently triggered by recent unrest in Baltimore.

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Two of the victims were shot in the neck, and one was shot in the leg. All three were reported to be stable condition, and no police officers were injured. A 20-year-old black male from St. Louis County was arrested in conjunction with one of the shootings, according to a statement released Wednesday by the City of Ferguson.

Police reportedly said that protesters also lit trash on fire, and threw rocks and asphalt, damaging police cars. Rioting and damage to one business was also reported along West Florissant Avenue in Dellwood, a city adjoining Ferguson.

The protests continued for several hours and the police remained in place until 3 a.m. on Wednesday, according to the statement.