A small memorial marks the place where Michael Brown's body fell after being killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo.
Photo by Branden Eastwood/Redux

Thousands of dollars raised for officer who shot Michael Brown


Thousands of dollars have been raised for the officer who fatally shot unarmed teen Michael Brown.

A crowdfunding website was created on Monday to raise funds for Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who killed 18-year-old Brown on Aug. 9. Followers of the site, based in St. Charles, Mo., aim to provide Wilson and his immediate family with funds needed to pay “potential legal fees, relocation, and living expenses.”

Nearly 6,000 people had raised more than $234,000 by mid-afternoon on Friday, through a GoFundMe site. Earlier this week, they pledged to collect $250,000 on Wilson’s behalf. Additionally, almost 55,000 people had joined the ”Support Darren Wilson” Facebook page.

The six-year veteran officer is currently on paid administrative leave from the Ferguson Police Department; he has not been arrested. Protesters continue to demand Wilson be fired from his position, charged, and prosecuted for killing Brown.

More than half — 57% — of black Americans, and 18% of white people, said the killing of Brown by Wilson was “not justified,” according to a new poll published Thursday.