Central Falls, Rhode Island is seen from Jenks Park.
Christopher Capozziello for MSNBC

The Week in Reads: msnbc’s top stories

The Week in Reads is a new feature that collects the standout work published by msnbc reporters throughout the week. 

Rhode Island inches out of deep, dark recession
by Suzy Khimm

Corruption, scandal, and bankruptcy have battered the tiny town of Central Falls. Can the town’s new young leaders help it come back?

Has the world gone crazy over Common Core?
by Trymaine Lee

As opposition to the Common Core educational standards grows, folks have gone Common Core crazy. Some have suggested it is a plot to turn school kids gay.

Marijuana scare stories don’t say much about legalization
by Adam Serwer

Rare tragic incidents in Colorado related to marijuana use don’t tell us much about whether legalization works or not. 

Democratic Party draws blood early in key Senate races
by Benjy Sarlin

Democrats have thrown GOP Senate candidates off balance with an early barrage of attacks. Will it be enough to hold the Senate?

Is Bowe Bergdahl the GOP’s new Benghazi?
by Aliyah Frumin

The GOP appears determined to turn what seemed like a big win for the White House into a major thorn in the commander-in-chief’s side.

Bowe Bergdahl, Common Core, Marijuana, Rhode Island and Senate Democrats

The Week in Reads: msnbc’s top stories