Harley Perez, of Manhattan, who makes $8.75 and hour working at a McDonald's, smiles during a rally after the New York Wage Board endorsed a proposal to set...
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The top stories you need to know this morning

Trying to catch up on your news this Thursday morning? Here’s some of today’s top stories:

  1. Two teenagers have been taken into custody after five of their relatives were found stabbed to death at the Oklahoma home where they all lived. The two teens are 16 and 18, and allegedly ran out the back door of their house when officers arrived at the scene. 
  2. New York state’s wage board just approved a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers. The wage board’s proposal would recommend raising the minimum wage to $15 in New York City by January 2018, and by July of 2021 for the rest of the state. The recommendation from the wage board will become law if it is approved by New York labor commissioner Mario Musolino – who is expected to back it. 
  3. Donald Trump will be making his first visit to the U.S.-Mexico border today, as he heads to Laredo, Texas. The visit will certainly be interesting given Trump’s recent controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, in which he referred to them as rapists and criminals. This morning, Laredo  mayor Pete Saenz told msnbc: “We welcome Donald Trump.” But not everyone is so welcoming – the Laredo Border Patrol Union said its members will not take part in any of Trump’s events in Laredo. 
  4. New details are emerging about the Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot motorist Samuel Dubose, who was unarmed and in his car. The officer, who has been placed on administrative leave since the shooting, was described in an annual review this year as being “extremely proactive” with traffic enforcement; but it’s unclear whether that was meant to be positive or negative feedback. 
  5. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio agreed to withdraw a bill that would cap the number of cars Uber could operate within the city. The city council was set to vote today on the measure after a weeks-long political war that resulted in Uber attacking de Blasio in TV ads and robo-calls.

And in case you missed it:

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