Protesters rally in the rotunda of the State Capitol as the state Senate meets to consider legislation restricting abortion rights in Austin, Texas July 12, 2013.
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The November 2 ‘MHP’ Syllabus


WMHP is back on the air! On Saturday’s Melissa Harris-Perry, our host–in full on faux radio call in show mode–will sift through the muck of this week’s stories on the Affordable Care Act’s rollout to separate fact from fiction. There is a lot of each, and much of it is getting lost in the political shuffle.

More Americans than ever before are in favor of legalizing marijuana. According to a new Gallup poll, 58% now favor legalization compared to only 48% back in November. But even within the decriminalization movement, there are calls for more understanding. The Nation magazine takes a deep look in its newest issue on all things marijuana and of particular note, features one previous MHP guest calling for a deeper level of understanding from his allies about the ongoing racial disparities in marijuana arrests. national reporter Irin Carmon will also visit #nerdland to discuss her new piece which highlights an Oklahoma mother who was forced to travel to Texas in order to receive an abortion due to Oklahoma’s strict reproductive rights laws. Jessica Davis is not the only one forced to find reproductive healthcare outside her home state due to a growing amount of legislation passed in states across the country. Join us Saturday for a discussion about the legislative assault on women’s bodies in Texas, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma.

The “liberal arts” experience in this country has always hinged on the notion that American universities are beacons of progressive, liberal ideas. But what if these schools were in fact built by slaves and exist on land stolen from indigenous peoples? In his new book Ebony & Ivy, Craig Steven Wilder explores the origins of many American universities, uncovering histories deeply intertwined with slavery. Wilder will join us on Saturday to talk more about his new book. 

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The Syllabus - Mellissa Harris Perry

The November 2 'MHP' Syllabus