On the streets at SXSW

  • Lemmie Lickett and Cayenne Cuntessa, performance artists from Atlanta, Georgia, on the street in Austin. "We're The Yes Girls baby and we ain't leaving Austin til we're famous!"
  • Rapper and producer Kari Faux flexin' her style on 6th Street before her performance at the Lean Pizza showcase at the Eastern bar. "Austin is only seven hours from where I live in Little Rock, so being here made sense. A lot of artists now a days do everything on the internet and never get out and meet people."
  • IndyJammer Jones, Rasta Fury, and Attila the Nun of Austin's Banked Track Roller Derby, promote their brand at the festival.
  • Rob Kat poses on 6th Street, a historic street in downtown Austin that is the center of many activities and entertainment in the city.
  • Photographer Wayne Lawrence met Japanese musician Masuki Aruvavo Lee as he was putting away his guitar. "He spoke hardly any English but I understood that he has been in Austin for two weeks, " says Lawrence.
  • Ruth Martinez takes a break from work to take in the vibe on 6th Street. Martinez traveled from San Antonio, Texas to work at the House of Vans venue during the festivities.
  • Shadd Johnson Bridges and David Robinson pose on the street. "We're from Louisiana, the country, where everybody know everybody so it's just good to get away and see what Austin has to offer culturallistitcally."
  • Bostonian musicians Daniel Radin and Alex Caplow of Magic Man head back to their hotel after playing their first session of the day at Buffalo Billiards.
  • "I approached Lamar because he had a very unique presence, only to learn that this aspiring actor, Lamar Sanchez is a Garifuna man from Belize who emigrated with his family to Austin, Texas twelve years ago," says photographer Wayne Lawrence.
  • "Well I don't come out much, but with South By you have to. You see crazy shit all the time. It's just live! Everybody knows that. That's why they're here," explains Katt Carter, proprietor of Karmas Boutique in Austin.
  • "It used to be more accessible with free stuff but this year was a little bit complicated. Unless you have a badge or wrist band you just can't access a lot of the shows like you could in the past," explains Amanda May on the evolution of SXSW.
  • Supah is a New York City poet and host of the popular open mic showcase, Street Poets NYC. He is at South By Southwest supporting friends.
  • Street musician Caster Vie-Jones and his road dog Daria perform for people walking by on 6th Street in Austin, Texas during South by Southwest.
  • Sakia Yash poses on 6th Street, a historic street in downtown Austin that is the center of many activities and entertainment in the city.
  • Villa, with his brother Kid Jones, drove from Norman, Oklahoma to see Matisyahu perform during the festival.
  • Alondra Bailey and Kierra Wimberly on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. "I like the vibe, people are just free, chilling, having a good time. The fact that you can walk down the street and see all these unsigned artists performing is really amazing."
  • Bravo on 6th Street in Austin, Texas.
  • Alicia Bam Bam on the street.
  • "I grew up playing music in Cantinas in Houston and eventually I got better and started playing in bands all over the city. It's something that I was fortunate to be born with. Everything that has happened to me in my life as a musician, I'm so grateful for," says Jose "Chapy" Luna. Luna is a percussionist for The Sufferers and drummer for Los Skarnales.
  • Stephanie Harrison on 6th Street, Austin during SXSW on March 16, 2014.
  • Quis Miller on 6th Street in Austin, Texas.
  • Laricia Barrow and Amanda Alosi pose together on the street.
  • "I'm here doing production work for the festival. I've worked on productions for Lady Gaga and the Woody Awards," says BriThe Cheez as she poses on the street.
  • New York City poet and entrepreneaur Saba Jenga promotes her wares on 6th Street during South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.
  • Alyssa Lumpee, 17, and Fi Moen, 16, March 11, 2014, in Austin, Texas. "South By just kinda turns Austin into what we want it to be. It's cool as locals to see people from all over the world come to Austin. Austin is totally the cool town," says Alyssa Lumpee.
  • Alyssa Leigh on 6th Street.
  • American dreaming at Bourbon Girl Bar, March 11, 2014, in Austin, Texas.



South by Southwest is a mixture of film, music, interactive conferences and festivals held every year in Austin, Texas. It’s a highly creative two-week event where musicians, artists and technology innovators come to gather and share their work and ideas.

Just prior the festival the MSNBC Photography Department launched its official Instagram feed and featured the work of photographer Wayne Lawrence as he hit the streets in Austin to capture the spirit of SXSW and the many characters that descend on Austin for the conference, the events, shows, concerts and festivities.

For more from SXSW and all of our feature photography see the official Instagram feed of the MSNBC Photo Department.

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